Missions Committee
- we were named for the first American missionaries, Adoniram Judson and his wife Ann, who
went to Burma in 1813.

We are affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA and the Central Region.

We participate in four annual Denominational offerings:

1) America for Christ, usually collected during March, which goes to work here in the United
States and Puerto Rico;
2) One Great Hour of Sharing which is done across many denominations, usually during June,
for disaster relief and to do economic development around the world;
3) World Mission Offering during October which goes to international missionaries and our
partners overseas; and
4) Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering, late November-December, divided into thank
you gifts to all those who are retired from active service and grants for special needs.

We are privileged to be connected with the Bethel
Neighborhood Center, located in downtown Kansas City,
ministering to the needs of people over the past 100 years. We help by providing volunteers,
bringing donations for their back to school needs and the Christmas Shop. The director, Rev.
Mang Sonna, is a member of our church.

We support Roy Bilyeu with a monthly gift to help him in
his work at PastorServe.
-Roy Bilyeu is with PastorServe, ministering to pastors in our area and around the country. He
works mostly with youth pastors, creating networks and listening to their challenges, hopes, and
hurts. This organization helps equip pastors for the very real challenges they face in their
ministry and come alongside them in times of crisis.

In addition, we send a monthly gift of support to Rev.
Pieter and Nora Kalkman who work in Europe. --
Rev. Pieter and Nora Kalkman are based in Prague, Czech Republic where they serve through
International Ministries as liaison and volunteer coordinators with the European Baptist
Federation (EBF). They match the skills and interests of short term mission volunteers from the
United States and Puerto Rico with the needs of more than 50 Baptist unions that are part of
the EBF. There are only 2.4% Bible believing Christians in Europe, making this is a priority
mission field.
In the early 1990’s, the opening of former Eastern Block countries in Europe provided
numerous opportunities to help and encourage struggling churches and Christian
organizations. Today, travel and communication options are changing the world into a global
community. These combined factors have led to a greater interest from individuals and
churches to be directly involved in ministry and mission in Europe.

The Kalkmans travel extensively, meeting with partners throughout Europe, the Middle East and
West Asia to identify needs and to coordinate opportunities for American Baptist churches and
individuals to engage in mission in the region. Facilitating the volunteers and volunteer groups
is important in developing relationships across national boundaries to glorify God in Europe and
around the world. Languages used in ministry: English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Czech

With the combination of local, regional, and international
involvement, we feel we are helping around the
neighborhood and around the world.

The website link for international missionaries: www.internationalministries.org

The website link for national mission work is: www.abhms.org